GHAD Management

From the California Association of GHADs website:

The 1979 Beverly Act provided for the establishment of Geologic Hazard and Abatement Districts (GHADs) as independent public agencies to oversee geologic hazards in defined geographic areas.

What is a GHAD?

A GHAD is an independent, state-level public agency that oversees geologic hazard prevention, mitigation, abatement and control. GHADs operate with a focus on the prevention of geologic hazards, with mitigation and abatement also being primary functions. A geologic hazard is broadly defined as an actual or threatened landslide, land subsidence, soil erosion, earthquake, fault movement or any other natural or unnatural movement of land or earth.

Sands Construction has been involved with GHAD management since 1986. Currently we manage 4 GHADs in Contra Costa County. Click on each logo to learn more from their websites.


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